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This is the first day. That day when all this started was May the 3rd. It was when, during my Personal Development Class, our teacher gave us a mission: we should choose an individual challenge to face in 21 days. During this subject, we had already done many analyzes of goals, personalities and strategies trying to reach more self-awareness. The routine imposed by the new way of living during a pandemic moved me down a lot and the first challenge was to analyze my current time frame.

The subject is part of the business communication course in the city of Vancouver and the ideal would be to launch a challenge related to the experience with the teachings given by the course and how I have applied this education searching for jobs and other opportunities related to professional life. But the fact is, my life has become a mess ran over by the COVID pandemic waves. The priority in everyone's mind, I assume, given the new living conditions, is to stay healthy and practice healthy habits in order to, in the near future, be able to better plan the next steps of our long-awaited CO-OP study/work experience in Canada. I decided that I was going to face a challenge to stay healthy and positive for the foreseeable future. In addition, no matter what the impediments of the moment, it is to feel useful and productive. It was time to move!

So my challenge would be to organize ideas, with the main objective of moving more, exercising, and feeling more productive. I gave my challenge the title of Move that body: be productive. To be more specific: make more exercises and leave a sedentary life.

We launched the challenge on may the 4th, day of star wars fans celebration and I made it fun and presented my challenge with the star wars theme, with the call: May the “force” be with you. Strong and engaged for me to get good results for my challenge. Another important thing for my challenge would be to include the delicate moment: I possibly have gastritis and including a restricted diet to help healing my bad tummy would be essential to achieve better results for my goal of getting more exercise.

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