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21 days later the challenge is now completed, DONE! The results were not the best, as the enemy gastritis still wander around me, but plans to defeat it are already in progress. The final result: whenever everything seems wrong and a surprise factor gets in the way of your plans, don't give up: adapt. Face it and finish it anyway. Discipline and endurance are friends of the force, and the force will be with you, always.

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  • Foto do escritorJoão Renato

External sources: Lucas, George, dir. Star Wars Episode V. Twentieth Century Fox Film.

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  • Foto do escritorJoão Renato

Fire on the playground. The menace that until now seemed like a phantom has materialized. The Insightful padawan João confirmed one of his worst nightmares: The sinister gastritis has returned and this real threat can affect the progress of the 21-day move that body operation. External forces need to be consulted and an appointment with an expert in the field ( my Family doctor) has been scheduled. As he calculates the extent of his problem, one thing remains in his mind: the challenge can not stop.

With the new conditions, some war strategies must be revised to suppress the enemy and not let him end the plans for a healthier body and life. The diet has become more restricted and now the main requirement for not-so-young padawan is DISCIPLINE. Exercising and having a supplementary diet capable of providing activities is something very important for the current task and both goals must be in synergy.

The galaxy seems to have felt the difficulties that João faces and, on the report day, there was a rain of thunder and lightning never seen by many inhabitants of this planet for years. After the storm, the sun shines again and new strategies appear for João and his esteemed partner, Trigger, the Wookie-dog. Meditating is necessary. The meditations, yoga, and Diaphragmatic Breathing* exercises will be the new weapon against the dark side of the force. Every day João spent meditating and doing yoga sessions for 10 minutes and adapted his exercises outside the home. Now walk for 40 minutes without the need to run or jog.

Another week of the challenge is about the come (the last week). Could the goal of going to the gym in the third week be affected by this heartburned enemy? The great learning was adapting plans is part of the process and if you want to maximize your results, accept these changes and stay strong, continue with the challenges that life poses to you. The force sometimes falls asleep, but it will always be within you.

SMART GOAL OF THE WEEK: 40 min walk, can be in 2 rounds.

PROGRESS: Regular - tasks done, but decrease the efficiency

NEGATIVE POINTS: Gastritis is bad now, I need doctor and exams. :/

EXTERNAL SOURCES: *Diaphragmatic Breathing | UCLA Integrative Digestive health and Wellness Program, 2020, Dutch, UCLA health, Youtube.

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