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The first week of my challenge is due and this blog post intends to be more reflexive about my strategies and what progress I am doing with that until now. The initial plan was going outside at least twice a day. In this walkings I should jog or run for at least 20 minutes and alternate those hits with easy walkings in between to rest from the run, no breaks. No pain no gain. Also I signed up into a gym to start a workout and keep my muscles health and maybe grow it a little bit…

One week after the events of the launch of the 21 challenge, the not-so-young Padawan João needs to do his first report. The galaxy (Vancouver) is shining with the new hope of the upcoming season: summer. The streets are plenty of blossoms and the weather is quite perfect for move that body operation. With this brand new blow of excitment comes a weekly plan to conquest a nice shape and, better than that, a healthy body. The secret plan was very elaborated and it includes walking for 30 min at least and do running hits, also a gym plan was made at the nearest workout academy. It appears that everything was going according to the plan until a phantom menace appears.

The threat was noticed a little before the challenge starts. A remnant of an abdominal pain was felt and João believes this could be an old enemy, The evil gastritis. Now the question that needs to be done is: is this menace something that could compromise the efficiency of his challenge. João now need an alternative strategy to keep working in your challenge and prioritize things that could not compromise your health sake. Will the Palawan João be able to complete his challenge with success?

Meanwhile, the Galaxy is in a good moment. The great enemy, the Pandemic is still here but the planet give us a beacon for hope. Inside João is raising a new sparkle of the force, and the first obstacle, the gastritis can be treat with a good diet and discipline. The time for a change has come and this opportunity looks like a trigger to assemble the best positive vibrations and became strong with the force. Focus on the challenge and may the force be with João.

SMART GOAL OF THE WEEK: at least 30 minutes of functional exercise.

PROGRESS: Good-excellent. All daily tasks was completed.

NEGATIVE POINTS: handling with the gastritis

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